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Flavorus has been selling tickets and conducting online transactions for over a decade. We share our customers concern for the protection of their privacy and their personal information. Whether you are simply browsing our site, conducting basic transactions (as a customer or client), or being an involved participant in our content, social network, and marketing, we want you to know what information we are collecting, how we are gathering information, who we are sharing it with, and why. We’ve created this privacy policy to provide our customers, clients and anyone who has given us information through any use of our websites, phone system, and email newsletters a complete description of our practices and your options as a visitor to our site or as a user of our services.
This privacy policy applies to the practices of Flavorus. We work with a variety of third parties who may have their own privacy policies, and we encourage you to seek out information about their practices. Because our offices and servers are in the United States, our privacy policy is drafted according to United States law. Because our website can be accessed from outside of the United States, however, by using our site or services you may engage with businesses located outside of the United States that may be subject to less or more restrictive laws regarding the collection and handling of your information.

Before using our website, purchasing goods or services through our online or phone system, or opting into our newsletters or media programs, please read this privacy policy thoroughly. By visiting the website or using our services, you are acknowledging and accepting the information gathering and sharing practices detailed below. You can contact us anytime with any questions, concerns, or comments, or to request further information regarding our privacy policy by writing to:

2808 Elm St.
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Los Angeles, CA 90065

You may also submit questions or request further information by emailing us through our help system at:

Please note: as our company grows and evolves, we may update this privacy policy so that it remains relevant to our practices. Our privacy policy will always be dated as of the most recent update. Please check back here regularly to ensure that you may be informed of the most current version of this privacy policy.

1. Collection Methods

Flavorus collects you specific information and general, non-personal information both passively (gathering information you provide) and actively (through technologies such as cookies, web beacons, Google Analytics, etc., and through cooperation with partner businesses and third parties).

A. Passive Collection
As a customer or client, or as a participant in our social network and marketing practices, you may provide us with personal


2. Types of Information Collected

Flavorus, Groovetickets and other partner businesses, clients, and third parties collect two different kinds of information: personal and non-personal.

A. Personal
Flavorus collects personal information, in general, that can verify your identity. This may include your name, email address, postal address, phone number, username and password, etc.


3. Information Sharing Practices

A. Why We Gather Information
There are a variety of reasons that we may collect information, both personal and non-personal. Information may be gathered to analyze our business, identify you, verify your transactions, customize your experience on the site, for marketing purposes, and so on. Information you provide us may be sent to servers around the United States and around the world. We may also store your information for future use.


4. Protecting Your Information

We understand and share concerns about the privacy of information. We have in place both electronic and personnel security measures in place to ensure that your information is protected, and to prevent fraudulent use of your information. Personnel access to your information is limited, and the appropriate information storage security measures as required by law have been implemented. All sensitive information gathered on the site is protected with SSL encryption.

Flavorus is open to the public, and does not monitor the age of users. In collecting personal information, we do not purposely gather information from children under the age of 13.

5. Your Options

By visiting the Flavorus, Groovetickets, or related websites, you are acknowledging and consenting to our information collection, storage, and sharing practices detailed in this privacy policy. You may elect not to provide information when prompted, however doing so may make certain functions, including purchasing, logging into an account, selling, participating in social networking and promotions, etc., may not be available to you.

You may also adjust the security settings on your browser to block cookies and other web technologies. This may also impair